Brand Introduction

Brand Story --- "Bling is the family legacy"

Back in the 1920's , May was a noble young lady in old China. While she is now in her eighties with gray hair, she can often be seen wearing traditional cheongsams. Her bright eyes remain as shiny as her necklaces and rings through dust of all these decades. " Women are meant to be gorgeous . They deserve all bling things in the world. " May has never quit that faith.

It is definitely miraculous that her faith was passed on to Caroline , May's great-grand-daughter. The 38-year-old woman has been very fond of bling things since she was young. She thinks it is part of human nature and people should preserve what was deemed most precious.

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When Caroline returned from her world tour, she met an ARTISAN who was also persistent in bling craft in Japan and married him . Together, they witnessed the pure affections of other followers for BLING all over the world. They also had a lovely daughter named Bling. The little angel showed great interest in bling things too . "It is my destiny to impress the whole world with UNIIBLING". Caroline becomes much more convinced of it than ever.


Because I deserve to be a Unique and Shining lady.

The Enterprise Culture

Uniibling belongs to JT company, founded in 2010.

In the past ten years, we have developed from several small teams to more than 200 employees today,thanks to the corporate culture we have always believed in.It is because of the spirit of awe and focus on products and the strict requirement of maintaining confidence and excellence for everyone that today's uniibling has come into being.

Artisan Spirit

• The best things in the world are all created by skilled hands.

• I still have talent. I have talent that can withstand my temper.

• Diligence is always the most decent quality.

Unique Heart

I am bling,

I am extraordinary,

I love to be bling bling,

I am unique,

I am brave and confident,

I am classy and fabulous.

I am obssessed with bling style.

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Brand Development History


Over the past few years, the global demand for Bling-related raw material has been increasing at a rate of 30% anually . There will be more than 1 billion young followers worldwide for this unique bling style soon!

Market Test

In 2010, after three years of market research and lab experiments, Caroline's senior expert team eventually focused on a few products that were most welcome among women customers and started mass marketing. During the period, lots of effort was taken to implement feasible suggetions from our customers.


It took another decade for Caroline's marketing division to grow and enrich the product line , leading to more than 400 types of bling products nowdays . Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions . To make our customers happy is all that matters.

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Get the honor

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Car Accessories

Car interior design has always been the most popular product of Uniibling. When we are in the car, we can see the phone holder, ashtray, trash can, cushion, diamond sticker, neck pillow, key case, license plate frame, steering wheel, tissue box, car Charger, storage box, etc.They are all blingbling style, Uniibling makes the car different.

Rhinestones Evening Bag

It focuses on blingbling's Evenin bag. TThey use rhinestones with various bling materials such as rhinestone, sequins, glitter, etc. And  lady's bags have the exquisite effect of diamond-like blingbling;

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Fashion Jewelry

uniibling likes all kinds of natural products because it believes that we need to maintain awe and respect for nature.

Therefore, in jewelry design, we have butterfly, Swan, planet, flower, peanut, roses and others, including necklace bracelet and even jewelry box.

Cosmetic Storage

This is the storage box series. The main function is desktop storage, such as cosmetics, jewelry, makeup brushes, cotton puff and other scattered items. Uniibling products include makeup brush organizer, storage tray,cotton pads organizer,makeup organizers drawer,360 degree rotating makeup organizer,remote control holder organizer etc.We don't worry about the monotony without decoration. These are all blingbling, not only very luxurious, but also very unique.

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Office Supplies

Have you seen the whole desk is blingbling?

This series is specially prepared for office ladies. We have card holder,cell phone stand,coffee tea cup pads,desktop tape dispenser,pencil pen holder,stapler,tissue holder box etc.These are very popular blingbling products all over the world. They are no longer ordinary office supplies on desks. They are all very unique and interesting. You and your colleagues can find a new topic, it's great to see your favorite office things around!

Every product is the painstaking work of craftsmen. Artisan Spirit gives product soul.

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Selected high-quality raw materials, even an ordinary rhinestone has 99% similarity with diamond, and there are as many as 56 colors and shapes:Glass, Pearl, colorful crystals, Rhinestone, Crystal, Pearlescent, ......

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Design team with Ten-year experience , exclusive selection of 400 + products :Hand bag, Bracelet, Pen Holder, Steering wheel, buggy bag, ....


Hand-embedded row technology takes the lead in using unique grasping and arrangement methods to ensure that each rhinestone does not fall off. Cutting and polishing manufacturing technology creates texture, smooth surface feel, unique and advanced!

We are a professional factory, we can customize any bling products you want for you. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions.

Complaint Suggestions:

Telephone: +8613825999765

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To Uniibling:

hi, sweetie ! It's ten years since i brought you to this world . Regardless of what we've been though , you remain everything that matters to me . Sometimes it even seems ridiculous to put a price tag on who i treasured as my own daughter .

The world has experienced a sharp change where a higher level of free trade becomes dominant.  Facing such opportunities with challenges , you acts bravely and are able to get back on your feet every time you fell. I am glad to see that millions of people get to know you and try to embrace you now.

Proud as I feel, it is far from the end of the story. I want you to reach every single corner on the earth , even to meet people who live in the most distant places. Our customers, employees, family members and community would expect so much more from you.

Your mission just began . Go Uniibling!